We are live!!!

We are officially a live journal!!! Feel free to check us out at: this link here!

We would like to say an official Thank You to everyone who submitted, everyone who followed us on this blog, our Twitter and even on our Facebook group and event pages!

We feel that our site really encompassed everything we had wanted to accomplish through this project, and we’re really happy with the way it all looks and how well the entire site just flows together.

Since this is a student run literary journal, it is highly unlikely that we will be having another edition. Don’t be too sad about it though, the outcome of this project helped us all realize how far one single word can go and how far it can be blurred.

Our most sincerest thanks go out to you, our readers. We love you.

As to our featured artwork on this particular blog post, it is a piece called “Past Perfect” by Emilia Stern.  A close up of the piece can be viewed in the pictures below.