this is it!

Well, it’s the last couple days that we’re accepting submissions.  Remember that they’re all due by the 1st, which is this Friday.  We’re slowly starting to catch up on all of the submissions we have already received, and we’re going to be sending out letters as soon as we can, so fear not! We’re working it all out!

The site so far looks really good.  There’s a lot of exciting works, and the setup looks phenomenal!

Anyways, today I feel like talking about artistry in itself.  A basic google search of “what is art?” pops up this link:

It goes on to explain that art is “form and content”.  The article explains what these two mean, form being the medium, the rules, the techniques, and the content being what you’re trying to portray to the intended (or not intended) audience.

What I like best about this article is that it says that “art is subjective”.  This is very true, especially for our journal.  What we’ve seen, accepted, thought over, is different to every single one of us.  In a group of five editors, this can sometimes be a tough and grueling process.  What one of us likes will sometimes get shot down by others, and then the one editor is left belittled and without a strong voice.  But don’t worry, that editor(s) is just fine, and has done the same to all of the others.

We are a whirlpool of ideas, opinions, and we just want what is best.  And the fact that art (in all of its forms) is subjective means that even after we’ve chosen and mapped out everything, we’re still divided.  We put on a group front, and we’ll present.  The main thing is that even though we’re divided we’re still supportive of our overall ideas and choices.

To get back to the main idea of what this blog is supposed to be about, (art in case you forgot), is that art is everywhere.  It’s in every thing we touch and everything we do.  It can be made, created, molded, bent, fabricated or natural.  Even when we’re not looking, it can easily be seen by even the most masked pair of eyes.  I had the opportunity to go to the UMW Synchronized Swimming meet this past Saturday, and even though I’ve been wanting to go to one for the past four years, I’ve never been able to due to my own personal time constraints.  Having gone, I realized how truly difficult it must be to be in a group like that, and the talent of each swimmer was awesome to see.

During the meet, they had a little tutorial of sorts to show the audience four “forms” within synchro that are used.  Just watching the girl show each one made me hold my breath.  She seemed to be underwater for hours!  But it was all so beautiful.  Each swimmer made me see another side to art.

What we need to remember is that art is constantly changing, and every day, whether you know it or not, you’re looking at it.  You’re always looking at some sort of art, and sometimes, what you thought was art changes, and you’re looking at something, some piece of the world in a completely different light than you ever thought possible.  And I feel that that’s the true definition of art: the opening of one’s eyes to something they never thought could possibly exist in such a light.

As a side note, the featured image is “Untitled” by Lee Siegrist, who submitted it to our journal.