My current visual arts fascination and obsession

What is considered visual arts in today’s times is just as blurry as trying to define art itself. Personally, my favorite form of visual art is paintings, drawings, and sculptures. However, lately i have been fascinated by this visual artist based out of New York. His name is Alex Grey and he is an artist unlike any other i have encountered. His main mediums are painting and drawing and his art is very intriguing.

Just one of many of Grey’s indescribable pieces

He also performs live avant-garde art exhibitions. On his official website, Grey explains in his own words what the purpose of these live performance are.

“In 1972 I began a series of art actions which bear resemblance to rites, in that they mirror stages of my developing psyche. Art performance can include any material, from stones to videotape, or any subject, from childhood memories to cosmic consciousness, thus it becomes the most open methodology for an artist to make a statement. The rites reveal my obsession with the themes of mortality and polarity. The approximately fifty performances, over the last twenty five years, present definite stages of transformation, from a personal to a more transpersonal perspective. Included here are a few selections.”

His performances are fascinating and bizarre at the same time. You can access many of his performances on his official website and read descriptions of what he is really getting at. They truly are one of a kind and i my personal favorite is “Private Subway”.

He truly is redefining what visual arts is and should be and even has written several essays and writings on the topic. In his essay ‘What is Visual Arts?,” Grey explains that artists strive to “make their inner truths visible, audible, or sensible in some way, by manifesting them in the external, material world (through painting, drawing, song etc.)”. Between his drawings, performances, and essays Grey has been redefining visual arts since the 1970s. He stills performs publicly at his gallery and other places so he is definitely somebody to watch.