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Well, it’s march 24, which means that we have two weeks to go live!!!  Our little journal, which is coming quite along if I do say so myself, is being constantly worked on, tweaked, pulled in all directions so that it is the best of the best come April.  Remember that all submissions are due on April 1st, and if you’re planning on submitting, you can read more about the guidelines in our “Submission Guidelines” post, and since all of that info is in there, I won’t repeat it in here.

I’m really excited about the way our journal is looking.  It all goes perfectly with the name we chose, and the pieces that we’re getting are just phenomenal.  If you have submitted a piece, a hearty thank you goes out to you.  We’re currently going through all submissions, and remember that if you submit something, we’ll let you know our decision within two weeks of submission date (which is now being reduced as we’re not going to be accepting anything after a week from tomorrow).  Also, we’ll send you an e-mail as soon as we can, letting you know that we received it and are looking it over so that you’re not wondering if it even got to us (believe me, we know what it’s like to wait around and never hear back about anything).

The mediums of pieces we are getting are so different from each other.  Photography, paintings, prose, poetry, music.  It’s all so exciting! (I believe I’ve already said that).

ANYWAYS.  Onto the “other junk” part of this post.  Well, this week has been really rainy here in Fredericksburg, VA.  It hasn’t been too gloomy though.  Personally, I’ve had a lot of deadlines this week (which is nothing new for me), and the added stress of doing well in classes with clubs and activities that are mandatory for me is starting to tear away at my motivation.  But never fear, the journal comes first, and that’s the way it is.

Now back to the rain.  Rainstick haha, yea I know.  But it’s actually one of my favorite sounds in the world.  I sleep best when it’s raining, or thundering, so this week has been great in the sleep area, although there hasn’t been much of it.  There’s something so beautiful in the sound of rain coming off a roof onto the pavement, or being sloshed to the side by a car.  Driving in it, not so much.  I was actually driving this morning, and I could barely see through it all because of the 18-wheelers that were spraying it right onto my windshield.  But oh well, I made it in one piece, I know you were all really worried.

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