A Letter From the Editors

To our readers, writers, and artists,

At Equivocal, a journal without genre, we seek to create a visual experience of art and literature for our readers. We believe that by overturning the traditional organization of an online journal we can help our readers make connections between pieces that might be lost if the confines of genre were in place. We hope that our careful juxtapositions of the written word and art will be inspiring and thought provoking.

As editors and members of the creative world alike, we are dedicated to pushing boundaries and embracing the grey areas between them. As such, work that straddles the line between poetry and prose is of particular interest to us, but is by no means our sole focus. We like work that forces the reader to view the world through different lenses and art that blends different mediums together in unexpected ways. We hope to provide a home for art and literature that may have been marginalized in the past because it did not fit neatly into one genre or medium.

We would especially like to thank the readers of Equivocal. We understand that to fully experience our journal it takes time and patience and that like any new endeavor there are always a few hiccups along the way. We hope that in return for the energy that you spent on our site you received a uniquely electrifying experience.

Wishing you warm and inspiring thoughts,

The Editors