A Softer World


While I admit to being no photography expert, I can’t say that it’s hindered my love to find the right shot in any way. And of all the places I’ve combed to find that great image, I’ve had the best luck with the web comic, “A Softer World.” The featured images are composed of all the things I love in a great picture: interesting angles, muted colors, and an insight into those little flashes of everyday that make life a little more interesting. I’ve yet to be disappointed by a Softer World comic, and I keep coming back every week just as satisfied as the first time I saw one of their comics. Sure, some may say that these pictures look a little deviantart-y—since it seems every teenager with angsty friends and a Nikon Coolpix thinks he’s an artist—but even if the shot looks a little cliché, I think the message is worthwhile.